Photography by Jeanne & Romain. Styling & Interview by James V. Thomas.

Conrad seen here wearing a coat from Sprung Frères, shirt from Brioni, sport coat from Polo Ralph Lauren, sunglasses from CELINE, tie from Buttice Paris Naples . 

I was having a drink at Le Progrès in the Marais (Paris) not too long ago with my dear friend Felix Boehm when he began speaking to me about a boy that he met recently and thought would be a great personality to feature in Sky Blue. Naturally, I inquired about organizing an appointment to meet with him and see if he would be available to have some pictures taken. A week or two later, we were seated on the terrace of the Café de Flore with Conrad Janssens, wearing what seemed like a head to toe subdued but still recognizable Gucci look. Speaking with Conrad was a pleasent experience, as he seemed full of curiosity and expectations for his future modeling career. He was also quite animate about finishing his studies, which I find admirable considering the doors that are beginning to open up to him professionally already. I took a moment to ask him a few questions, and here are his replies. 

Jacket from Fratelli Mocchia di Coggiola, scarf from Charvet, Sunglasses from CELINE, and gloves from Maison Fabre.

Is there any specific type of clothing that you wear a lot? The same jacket or the same pair of jeans for example?

I have a very varying clothing style. One day I can show up in a completely leather outfit and the next day you will probably see me in a bespoke pinstripe suit or a suit with feathers. Almost every style suits me in a certain way and it all depends in which mood I am. It’s the thing I love so much about fashion, the fact that I’m not here to make anyone feel comfortable and that not many people will be able to copy my style as they just won’t get away with it. It makes me the unpredictable one when it comes to a dress code ;) . 

"One day I can show up in a completely leather outfit and the next day you will probably see me in a bespoke pinstripe suit or a suit with feathers."

Coat and trousers from Brioni, cable-knit sweater from Polo Ralph Lauren, scarf from CELINE. 

Do you have an artist whose work you really love, and why?

Virgil Abloh. I was enormously sad and frustrated when I heard the news of his passing. He was one of the few people whose death really touched me, without even knowing him personally. Not only because we lost one of the major talents in fashion, but also because I was invited to his last show in Miami. I got an invite 3 weeks before the show, but as I planned to focus on my exams at university, I decided not to go. Little did I know this would have been his last show and one of the most memorable events I would have ever been to. Eventually, I watched the show at home and had goosebumps for half an hour. In particular when his whole team gathered without their “pater familias”. Their sorrowful faces summed up my feeling perfectly. 

Suit from The Age of Adolescence, sweater from Eric Bompard, sunglasses from CELINE, bracelet from Tiffany & Co.

Have you fallen in love before, and if yes, how did you know?

It’s not about knowing, it’s about feeling. You just feel it when you pay attention to how supportive they are when you achieve something or in general how you feel when that person is in your presence. I don’t really believe in a first love. In my opinion it’s mostly a harsh break up that gives you the strength to stay true to yourself in future relationships. I could never be together with someone if I don’t feel anything. It’s so sad that people who work together on a canvas for a couple of years , to then realize they don’t like the painting, still stay together. I would rather begin from scratch than having to look at a painting that I don’t like for the rest of my life. 

"In my opinion it’s mostly a harsh break up that gives you the strength to stay true to yourself in future relationships."

Mackintosh trench-coat from Berteil, sweater from Eric Bompard, scarf, trousers, and belt from CELINE.

Do you cook? What do you cook?

I’m not really into cooking alone as I don’t like to work on a meal for one hour to then eat it in 15 minutes. I understand that for some people it can be very satisfying, but I’m clearly not one of them.  It’s different when you cook with someone else as you still have a conversation going on. I simply prefer chit-chatting over cooking. With my mom I love to explore the Asian or the South-American kitchen. Last week we made some delicious tacos. 

Blazer from Fratelli Mocchia di Coggiola, trousers from Brioni, sweater from Eric Bompard, pocket-square from Charvet.

Favorite cocktail?

Always in doubt between a “Sex on the Beach”, a “Pornstar Martini” or a “Negroni with Tonic”. 

Coat, sunglasses, and boots from CELINE, sweater from Eric Bompard, trousers from The Age Of Adolescence, bracelet from Tiffany & Co.

I love the quote: 

“My appearance is the least interesting thing about me”. 

What do you think of Paris?

I like Paris a lot, because it seems like there is always something going on. The only thing that bothers me is the weather and the fact that Parisian people give a closed off impression now and then.

Is there a character trait that you don't like?

I don’t like people who always manipulate, feel superior or who constantly try to bring down other people. You can be cocky sometimes for fun, but not to make someone feel miserable about their whole existence. Those people just create an unhealthy environment for everyone. 

What’s your favorite feature about yourself?

I love the quote: “My appearance is the least interesting thing about me”. 

Yes I am a model and I always try to look good, but that is just one aspect of my life. I am still in my Second Bachelor Year of Business Engineering at a Belgian university and my grades are pretty good. Besides that I have a loving family and an amazing group of friends. I aim to be a great son, a lovable boyfriend, a friend who you can count on, an iconic model, a brilliant student and later on an incredible entrepreneur.


You can find Conrad on Instagram at Conrad.Janssens


Styling assistant Mira Frat, Casting direction by Felix Boehm, Model : Conrad Janssens from Dominique, Art Direction by Studio Kore & James V. Thomas

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Est. 2019