Pumps of Pleasure

Some of our favorite shoes this week

Photography by Louis Duvinage

Selection & Artistic Direction by James V. Thomas

These shoes are making us feel very Louis XV. Patent leather pumps with delicate silk ribbon bordering, gold and crystal-embedded buckles - who wouldn't become obsessed with these? 

Another remarkable pair of loafers from Manolo Blahnik. The jewel incrusted buckle is particularly lovely. An eye catcher, but elegant.


Clos up of loafers from Manolo Blahnik, and silk socks from Falke. 

Who can resist anything that's woven? Always an aura of provencial weekend leaisure, these white woven leather loafers are an excellent compromise for the summer heat and endless questioning about what kind of shoes you will be able to wear without overheating.


Photography assistants: Rachel Lévèque 

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