JULY 2023

Written by Sky Blue

What do the 1 percent enjoy the most? Paying next to nothing for everything. Take a look at our favorite Amazon finds that will make Granny proud.


Natural horn comb, 12,49 €

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In the elegance of embracing a traditional horn comb lies the exquisite absence of static. Moreover, it exudes a timeless charm that sits perfectly in your travel-bag...

NOUNOU shampoo from Davines, 23,06 €

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Since first purchasing Davines products, we have realized a significant difference in the texture and shine of our hair. If you wash every other day, the bottle should last around 2 to 3 months.

Pair of raffia fans, 18,99 €

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Amidst the blaze that is the city in summer, we came to a stark realization: hand fans, a requisite in this torrid inferno. Unique, yet inherently simple – the essence we craved.
Not many people realize how simple it is to have homebrewed unsweetened (or sweetened) iced tea at home. Simply fill the container with water, add your favorite tea bag or leaves, and let it steep for a few hours. This is an essential.

Brass shell handles, 22,04 €

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Looking to add a bit of charm to your kitchen cabinetry or boudoir drawers? These gold shell handles are everything we desire and are certain to please.

20 Ostrich feathers, 14,57 €

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An easy go-to accessory, sure to infuse any look with a touch of elegant drama. We adore them in ivory, yet a plethora of colors awaits your selection.


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