Hédiard tin, from Hédiard boutique in Paris

Photography by Louis Duvinage

Selection by James V. Thomas


A tin from the Hédiard boutique in Paris. 

I have had this tin in my kitchen for many, many years. I believe that we just kept it from the late 90's. I love this tin, because it is an illustration of a Paris that is somewhat bygone, and reminds me of Absolutely Fabulous. Every morning, I see Edina approaching her Daimler, accompanied by a small dog, and an army of porters - naturally parked just in front of the shop. Hédiard was a very chic address in Paris years ago, with their store being on Place de la Madeleine. Closed in 2015, the building remains unoccupied. Little by little it has left the collective memory of Parisians as the market for catering has reached a fervant pitch with shops such as Maison Plisson, Eataly, or even Galeries Lafayette Gourmet, leading the scene. 

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