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Peru unveils its new collections in the heart of Paris

As Paris welcomes the convergence of fashion week and the advent of autumn's allure, the Tranoï salon is abuzz with fervor, all while Peru takes center stage. Revered for their unparalleled mastery of fabrics, six modern Peruvian designers, Aguaclara, Amarena, Ana G, Fringe, Kero Design, and Pampa, present their exclusive collections. These designers, under the gracious support of the Commercial Office of Peru in France (PROMPERÚ-FRANCE), are not only committed to sustainable fashion but also deeply connected to their local communities. Their creations, crafted from unique and sustainable materials like Pima cotton, Toquilla straw, and alpaca illuminate Peru's artistic virtuosity and artisanal finesse, showcasing a direct collaboration with Peruvian communities. Their pieces not only represent Peru, but greatly attract international buyers for their quality and durability. Here, we introduce the six selected designers, each with a unique narrative.


Founded by the sibling duo of Liliana and Jorge Villalobos, the Aguaclara brand has been synonymous with resort-wear since 1987. Their designs cater to women who appreciate enduring style and uncompromising quality. Inspired by the globetrotting journeys and cultural revelations of its creators, Aguaclara aspires to offer the perfect ensemble for every travel sojourn, conveniently packed into a single suitcase. From one-piece swimsuits to cocktail dresses, the collection employs an array of Italian silks. The forthcoming 2024 collection takes inspiration from the golden era of the French Riviera while retaining its distinct Latin-Peruvian essence.

You may visit Aguaclara's instagram here


Amarena, a distinctive label, collaborates closely with over 30 Peruvian artisans, dedicated to manifesting a circular fashion model. From knitwear to linen, jewelry, crochet, and especially handbags, Amarena presents a contemporary perspective on women's fashion, harmonizing vision with craftsmanship. Their 2024 collection is entirely handcrafted by Peruvian artisans, employing top-tier materials with minimal environmental impact. Each handwoven bag possesses a unique charm, reflecting the individuality of its crafting.

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Ana G.

Ana Mara Guiulfo christens her upcoming collection "Échos de la mer," drawing inspiration from the simple yet noble elements of the beach and the sea. The designer aspires to evoke sensations of peace, serenity, relaxation, and well-being. The pristine beaches of Peru, like Paracas and Huanchaco, serve as the wellspring of this collection's inspiration, depicted through prints and vibrant pastel hues that transport us to these paradisiacal locales, brimming with enchantment and symbolism. The prints embody the intricate connection between nature and society in a sensuous and refined manner, akin to a "Sea of Memories" that alludes to profound encounters in Ana G's life.

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Pampa, a brand characterized by its minimalist aesthetic, specializes in high-quality knits and everyday essentials. Following the footsteps of numerous Peruvian designers, Pampa emphasizes weaving and modern technology to produce high-caliber pieces with a contemporary twist. Their Spring-Summer 2024 collection, titled "Nostalgia Histórica," endeavors to encapsulate the allure of yesteryears in a modern context. The brand has innovated new stitching techniques and adapted silhouettes from the past to suit contemporary comfort requirements, utilizing Peruvian cotton and Alpaca. Details such as pleats and lace serve as nostalgic references to the early 20th century.

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Fringe Knitwear, an avant-garde design venture founded by Lucy Barandiaran, is dedicated to crafting unique knitwear that seamlessly blends artistic expression and sustainability. Their mission is to produce and export high-quality products for clients through private label and their own brand, awhile applying ethical fair trade and sustainable environmental practices. Fringe's commitment to these principles extends to their collaboration with internal and external partners, suppliers, customers, and the broader community. With a profound commitment to responsible practices, Fringe harnesses the artisanal techniques and unique skills of Peruvian craftsmen and utilizes locally-sourced fibers like alpaca, cotton, merino, and blends. This harmonious fusion of artistry and environmental consciousness is evident in their collections, which serve as a vibrant manifestation of diverse elements drawn from nature, such as flowers, plants, earth, and sea, reflected in their rich and expressive color palette. 

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Kero Design

Kero Design was inspired by childhood visits to the founder's grandfather, who collected Keros, ceremonial vessels from Tiahuanaco, introducing her to Peru's rich tapestry. Their mission: Carry Peru's spirit globally through sustainable, Peruvian natural fibers like alpaca and Pima cotton. They pay homage to their roots through weaving, with a strong commitment to responsible production and social responsibility.  Mariella Gonzales, a representitive of Kero, draws inspiration from traditional Peruvian crafts, creating versatile, contemporary unisex pieces using high-quality wool and soft cotton. Much of their yarn is hand-dyed, showcasing up to 60 colors on a single spool. Kero Design employs artisanal techniques, ensuring meticulous attention to detail, from timeless classics to captivating jacquards, delivering products that meet the highest standards.

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The international trade show TRANOÏ will launch its spring/summer 2024 edition during Paris Fashion Week at:

Palais Brongniart, Place de la Bourse, 75003, Paris

from September 28th to October 1st. The Peruvian collections will be at Stand L2.

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