Photography by William Lentz. Styling & article by James V. Thomas. Grooming by Stéphane Bodin. Modeled on Yann Namigandet from M Management.

Yann wears a suit from Maison Pen, tie from Buttice Paris Naples. 

Periodically, I come upon a hidden gem tucked away in an unassuming locale that warrants a thorough exploration. Among my recent discoveries is the bespoke tailoring house, Maison Pen. Conceived by the skilled hands of Assane Pene in the mid-2000s, the establishment burgeoned from Assane's role as a tailor for various prestigious houses to eventually metamorphose into his own atelier. It's worth emphasizing that Assane's journey wasn't a tabula rasa; he honed his craft on suits and drapery for renowned labels such as Cifonelli, Camps de Luca, Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Ferragamo, leaving an impression into the world of high-end fashion.

The ateliers are in multiple locations, with a main presence in Paris and another hub in Dakar. A native of Senegal, Assane frequently returns, having established a tailoring school to mentor future artisans, creating a ripple effect of skill development among budding tailors in Senegal. While peripheral ateliers may exist, the soul of the experience is undeniably in Paris, where the familiar tableau unfolds. The main team seems to consist of a discreet man with glasses who is specialized in womenswear, an affable shopkeeper waiting to welcome guests, Assane Pène the tailor of the house, and Bienvenu Malatray, orchestrating communication and direction. Juggling duties, he navigates seamlessly between "ASPEN," Maison Pen's sibling brand specializing in trousers, and the eponymous boutique. Aspen, offering an array of trousers at a reasonable price, also adjusts the sizes to fit each customer. Not uncommon is the sight of a VIP client emerging from a rear changing room, their chauffeur patiently waiting outside. The boutique itself exudes an aura of craftsmanship, lined with bespoke orders and fabric swatches of the utmost refinement.

So, why Maison Pen? Beyond its exceptional quality lies an intangible allure—fashionably good taste, a rarity in the burgeoning realm of Parisian tailors. What sets Maison Pen apart is not just their refined sensibility but also the transparency of their pricing, which remains both reasonable and forthright. Whether you're contemplating a €1500 suit or starting with a pair of trousers at €200 from Aspen, Maison Pen offers an accessible gateway into unparalleled elegance, and an upgraded wardrobe.



You can visit Maison Pen at

5, rue Pasquier, 75008, Paris - +33 (0)1 42 66 44 85

And ASPEN at

4, rue Pasquier, 75008, Paris

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