Differenciating between Overcoats, Topcoats, & Bodycoats. 

Josh Parkinson seen here wearing a topcoat from Dries Van Noten, and a tie from Charvet. Photography by Valentin B. Giacobetti
Being able to distinguish the difference between the three will not only help you make better purchases, but will also make you sound knowledgable. 
Cian seen here wearing an overcoat from Prada. Photography by Lucas Christiansen


The overcoat is a large, heavier, and often longer coat made to be worn over a suit. It is more appropriate for winter. It is said that the first overcoat was the Chesterfield coat, invented in the mid 19th century. The more desirable overcoat will usually be double breasted and with a large notch lapel. 

Look 1 from Dunhill's Spring 2016 show, designed by John Ray. Photography from Yannis Vlamos

Body Coat

A body coat is reserved for formal occasions in the forms of either a morning coat, tailcoat, or the dated and rarely worn frock coat. It is most commonly associated with wedding ceremonies, particularly in the United Kingdom. 

Judas seen here wearing a trench coat, or top coat, from Grenfell. Photography by Lucas Christiansen

Top Coat

Top coats are lighter coats that are meant to be worn in mid-season temperatures. They include trench coats, barbour jackets, mackintosh, polo coats, etc. Typically; however, they are worn somewhat long at knee height. 


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